Yosakoi dance is now a big hit all over Japan. The traditional & modern-mixed dance, performed in Japanese kimono, is gorgeous and has won the hearts of many young people. To bring Yosakoi to the world, Hinano Araida came to New York. She is a first-year student of Columbia University graduate program. Unlike other traditional performing arts, Yosakoi mixes other dance elements like hip-hop movements making it more energetic and enjoyable for people with contemporary tastes.

JPA is proud to support a new activity by Ms. Hinano Araida and her enthusiastic vision to spread Japanese Culture through Yosakoi.

All workshop sessions were completed!   Thank you for participating!


Anyone who would enjoy a traditional & modern-mixed dance is welcome!!

This summer, Hinano is inviting a choreographer, Mr. Kai Yoshida from Japan, and organizing a workshop for people in New York to dance is to gain the recognition of Yosakoi among New Yorkers including the Japanese community in New York.

The workshop’s choreography will be mixed with hip-hop, energetic movement. The workshop will be free for all three sessions and accept up to twelve participants per session.  It is open for everyone regardless of the past dance experience, so please feel free to apply. We will contact you on a first-come, first-served basis.

If interested, you may also join the lunch after the workshop to have fun with the participants. The lunch after the exercise should taste great! The class will be held both in Japanese and English, and the instructor will make sure that everyone can understand and enjoy the workshop session.

Depoist Required:This free workshop is a rare opportunity accepting up to 12 people per workshop session. In order to secure each workshop spot and not to waste any, $10 deposit will be required (via Paypal) for those 12 persons selected for each workshop session. (Note: If you are taking two sessions the deposit will be $20. For three sessions, $30) $10 deposit will be returned upon actual participation in the session.

About Cancellation:  In case of cancellation, please email Hinano Araida at least 4 days prior to the actual date(s) of the event so we can include other dancers from the wait list to take the spot, and we can retun your deposit. Cancellation email sent 3 days or less prior to the actual session day of your booking will result in no return of the deposit. (e.g. If the session you booked is on the 28th, the deposit can be refunded if the cancellation happens before the 25th. [i.e. the 24th or before; the 25th not included])

If you are interested in joining the workshop, send us the application form.  The button below accesses the form.

Note: The studio’s basic COVID policy requires all workshop participants to wear masks. Depending on the studio situation and the circumstances, mask mandate may be lifed.

Workshop Information

Workshop Dates & Time:
Saturday, August 28 (10 am – 12 pm)
Saturday, September 4 (10 am – 12 pm)
Sunday, September 5 (11 am – 1 pm)

Deadlines for applications:
August 26 for the session on Saturday, August 28
September 2 for the session on Saturday, September 4
September 3 for the session on Sunday, September 5

PMT House of Dance
28 W 25th St 2nd floor, New York, NY 10010

Contact Person:
Hinano Araida

Dance/ Exercise Outfit

Workshop Fee:


Kai Yoshida has been a choreographer, performer, and dance teacher of YOSAKOI for many years. He has choreographed more than 250 pieces of Yosakoi dance and founded many famous Yosakoi teams such as Odori Samurai. His vibrant, fun, and energetic style engages dancers in a way that empowers them. He won first prize at Jazz Dance Contest took place in Saitama prefecture and performed in a series of TV shows and CMs. He always welcome beginner and the one who had never danced before. So, why don’t you have fun in his lesson!

Hinano Araida is a producer of Japanese traditional YOSAKOI Dance. She has started up new YOSAKOI teams in Paris and Orlando, having held a series of shows in Disney Night of Stars, Japan Expo Paris, and so on. Currently enrolled in Columbia University as a master student, she is studying the expansion of culture through the case study of YOSAKOI, which rapidly spread in Japan after mid 20 century. Her next goal is to start up a new YOSAKOI team here in NYC.

New York based “Yosakoi Dance Project 10tecomai”
New York has its very own Yosakoi Team called “Yosakoi Dance Project 10tecomai” which has made Yosakoi dance famous in New York. Please check out their activities online on FB, IG and YouTube.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/10tecomai
Instagram: https://instagram.com/10tecomai_yosakoi?r=nametag
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC4thfkdgrnv8DzXwiMLDqXA