Summer Classes 2022

 Gujo Odori Online Class (FREE) 

 Starting August 5, 2022 (ending on September 23)  Every Friday 7 PM – 7:45 PM

JPA will begin offering classes for those who wish to participate in next JPA event of Bon Odori in 2023.

This class teaches  Gujo Odori.

(Note: Towards the end of the class, because of the popular demand from those who already had training in Nishimonai Bon Odori, they will have a practice round of Nishimonai Bon Odori dances. We are not teaching Nishimonai Bon Odori for this class, but Nishimonai Bon Odori practice is for their dance skill maintenance).

You can join wearing Yukata or regular exercise clothing.

If you would like to join, please write an email to us including your name and email address.  to:
Or please use our online contact form.

All schedules for these classes are subject to change.

Please follow our Facebook and Instagram sites and the links are as below! The link to the Instagram site is JPA’s Activity account.

Instgram  (account title is  Activities.JPA):

Summer/Fall/Winter ONLINE CLASSES 2021

June 28, 2021 – February 22, 2022


January 2nd 10th – May 18, 2021


November 10th – December 22nd


Except for on-going Online Traditional Japanese Dance Classes, three other online classes completed the scheduled program on September 11th.
677 cumulative total participants came to the Online JPA Summer Classes in the three-month scheduled period!  Thank you!

We are planning to have another online classes starting at the end of Fall 2020 for the preparation of two big events next year: Japan Day Parade (5/9/2021 Mother’s Day), and JPA Free Festival on Governors Island (Summer 2021). We will provide a little more advanced classes next time to brush up on your dance skills!

JPA will start online classes on “How to Wear Yukata,” “Japan’s Big Three Bon Odori,” and “Nichibu Dance.” These will be limited-time classes until we can resume regular rehearsals at the studios.

Currently, JPA’s activities on Governors Island from August 29th (Sat) through November 1st  (Sun) are still scheduled, but under the Pandemic circumstances, we still do not know if they are going to actually happen.  However, we would like to be prepared for the performance in front of the live audience if we can actually have the event. So please join these classes even if they were to become just for your exercises.

UPDATE - 2020 Events are postponed to 2021

If you would like to join, please write an email to let us know which class(es) you are interested including your name and email address to:
Or please use our online contact form.

All schedules for these classes below are subject to change. 

We will use Zoom for these classes, and send you the link before classes start. You can download Zoom app or browsers extension here.

For the classes with fees, please use the PayPal buttons below.

We hope you will be able to join!!

 Yukata Wearing Online Class (FREE) 

Every Tuesday (Starting June 2) 4:30 PM – 5:15 PM in June & August
Fee: free

Free “How to Wear Yukata” classes are for those who cannot properly wear Yukata by yourself.
It’s going to be a 45 min session.

Please prepare a Yukata, Obi, two strings, one chair to place these items on, one Korin-belt (optional)

Please contact us if you have any question.

No class in July.

Awa Odori & Gujo Odori Online Class (FREE) 

Every Tuesday (Starting June 2) 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM in June, July & August

This class teaches Awa Odori forms and Gujo Odori (Kawasaki & Gegen Barabara – 2 dance pieces)

You can join wearing Yukata or regular exercise clothing.

No class on July 7th.

Gujo Odori & Nishimonai Bon Odori Online Class (Fees applied) 

Every Saturday (Starting June 6 ) 2 PM – 3 PM in June, July & August.
The session will be 1 hour or longer.

This special Class is for those who want to learn 4 dance pieces or more of Gujo Odori & the details of Nishimonai Bon Odori.

You can join wearing Yukata or regular exercise clothing.

No class on July 18 and 25th. The schedule is subject to change.

Fee: $45 for 12 classes in June, July & August

The purpose of this class is to prepare for the performances on Governors Island in September & October, therefore this class is a three-month course.
If you join the class at some point after the first class, the fee will be subtracted for the number of missed classes from the whole three-month fee.

Please select one of the options below to make your payment:

Nichibu Advanced Online Class (Fees applied) 

Online Nichibu Dance class has been already on-going since April every Monday.

This is a small, limited-member class with detailed instructions.

If you are interested, please inquire. (The fee structure explanation will be sent to you.)

No class in July.

JPA "Fuji Musume" Online Class