JPA is currently preparing a new dance stage show project in order to introduce the details of Nichibu dance through a play.

Due to the unfortunate circumstance at the theater, our actual performance date is still TBD.
We will keep you posted as soon as we have an update.


The information is coming soon.


Clara Franchesca
Miles Butller
Motoko Tadano
Midori Anami
Akiko Matsumoto
Yuko Hamada
Yuka Notsuka
Hiroko Yonekura
Mio Nakanishi

Creative Team

Stage Manager

Mariko Takizawa

Assistant Director

Assistant Production

Projection Designer


Natsumi Sofia Bellali

Hair and Kimono

Yukari Mizuuchi

Hair and Kimono

Hair Designer

Toshitsugu Kubota

Hair Designer

Mika Saijo

Hair Designer

Satoshi Ikeda