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Nihongami, Japanese traditional hairstyle, was brought to a state-of-art beautician technique, which already had its original basic format in the late 16th Century.

Before then, people would have long dangling hair on their back.

Nihongami style did not develop independently on its own, but it developed together with a few minor changes in kimono and obi, etc.

Currently, there are about 100 known styles of Nihongami.


At JPA, Mika Saijo and Satoshi Ikeda, with expertise in Nihongami, are in charge of our kimono/dance activity hairstyles.

JPA has been performing Nihon Buyo classics and well as choreographing for contemporary Japanese flavored dance tunes. So Mika and Satoshi have been designing hairstyles which can withstand even for fast-pasted dance moves.

The two below are really exceptional hair artists: