JPA Kimono Project introduces Japanese kimono costumes with traditional and new perspectives through exhibition, performance, workshops, photo sessions, etc.

JPA Kimono Project
We are planning the exhibition in the future.


JPA Kimono Exhibition: Featuring the Dyeing Techniques and the Wisdom of Mottainai in Kimono

For many years, JPA has given classroom lectures and conducted stage shows regarding kimono and its culture as an integral part of the Japanese traditional art heritage.  JPA will further evolve the same efforts via a new method, Kimono Exhibition, featuring a new perspective by introducing a Japanese word, “Mottainai,” which will introduce Kimono as an Eco-friendly costume with sophisticated craftsmanship.

The Japanese word “Mottainai” expresses grievance of any waste together with a deep appreciation and respect toward the bounty from mother earth. In Japan, traditionally manufacturers used this Mottainai spirit as an integral foundation of their craftsmanship, and aimed at producing high-quality, long-lasting products that would not waste the resources from nature. Consumers would treat their products with care and reuse them until they could no longer be used. The Mottainai attitude towards any product was widely penetrated both among the manufacturers and the consumers.

The word “Mottainai” was internationally introduced by Wangri Maathai, a Nobel Prize winning environmentalist.   She promoted the concept of Mottainai after she found out the word inherently retains “respect” toward nature.   After coming to know the word Mottainai, she has been promoting her 4R’s principle adding “Respect” to the traditional conservationist idea of 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle). With the increasing awareness of the 4R’s principle, more and more people and corporations are starting to re-review the value of the Japanese traditional Mottainai concept and are devising ways to reuse and recycle more creatively.

During our Kimono Exhibition, JPA will have side performance events such as Nichibu Japanese dance, Kamishibai picture storytelling shows (English and Japanese), tea ceremony and calligraphy demonstrations, as well as workshops on how use/make Furoshiki (wrapping fabric), eco-bags and face masks.

We hope the visitors of our Kimono Exhibition will enjoy and discover how the traditional Japanese costume Kimono, with its 1200 years of history, retains very Eco-Friendly features, wisdom and the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship.