Yukata Kai is a small recital of Japanese Nichibu class wearing Yukata.

This will be the showcase of what students learn at our Nichibu classes. Each student has a piece for the event. The show will be without special costumes or props.

Only the students who wants to dance in Yukata Kai will participate.


JPA presents Yukata Kai on September 18th 2021, at Japanese American Association in NYC.

The Yukata Kai of 2021 will be an integration of the introducion and workshop of Nihon Buyo dance movement basics while showing the performances of the classics, such as Fujimusume, Kyo no Shiki, Mitsumen Komori, and Fukagawa Hakkei, and other pieces by Midori Anami, Akiko Matsumoto, Hatsuko Otsuka, and the instructor, Yuko Hamada.

Yukata Kai is usually performed in Yukata, but sometimes, the performances can be in Kimono.

JPA’s Yukata Kai outfit is up to the individual performcrs’ preferences (i.e. either Yukata or Kimono).

Presentation and speech will be both in English and Japanese.

Date: Saturday, September 18

Time: 2pm-5pm

Japanese American Association of New York
49 W 45th St 11th floor, New York, NY 10036