Kimono lecture sessions introduce treasured Japanese craftsmanship of manufacturing kimono and various types of fabrics.
The purpose of these lectures are to inform how much delicate work and intricate craftsmanship are put into manufacturing Japanese kimono, so people can appreciate the traditional costume more.

Upon resuming the kimono lecture sessions, JPA will inform you via email. So if you are interested in attending the lecture, please send your email address to us.
The lectures are delivered in Japanese only.
Lecture Content:

  • shapes of fabrics and kimono
  • Someori technique
  • silk
  • Tsumugi fabric
  • Yuzen kimono
  • Shibori technique
  • Echigo-jofu and Miyako-jofu kimono
  • Yuki-tsumugi kimono
  • others


Kimono Wearing Workshop

Do you want to acquire the skill to be able to wear kimono/yukata by yourself? (Note: Wearing a kimono is not easy or simple. It actually requires a lot of training to be able to acquire the skill to wear kimono properly.)  JPA holds kimono/yukata wearing workshops from time to time.


Kimono Model Workshop

For those who would like to become a kimono model, JPA provides sessions for the on-stage movements such as walking. When a kimono show timing is determined, JPA holds the workshops beforehand.


Kimono Show

JPA has presented kimono shows several times in the past. At kimono shows, we give detailed explanations of various kimono types with the narration and video/picture projections on the stage screen as well as with actual kimono model presentations. Please contact us if you would like to have our kimono show in your event. It would be best if you inquire us at least about four months ahead of your event.

JPA can give detailed instructions on how to wear kimono costumes and Japanese traditional performances for students interested in Japanese culture. Please contact if you would like our cultural briefing sessions to be added to your Japanese language and history classes, etc. Since 2014, JPA has been teaching how to wear kimono for the senior year students at the Japanese Weekend School of New York.

If any Japanese cultural briefing sessions are needed at your company or any other organizations, JPA will be able to assist you.

So far, we have conducted our workshops with these themes:

  • About Kimono
  • About Kagura
  • About Nichibu (Traditional Japanese Dance)