Kagura started from Japanese legend based kagura dances in the Imperial Court. These dances were brought to various Japanese localities and had their own developments by mixing with their local  folk performing arts.

Iwami kagura is one of such a form performing art from Iwami region in Shimane prefecture. JPA has been introducing Iwami Kagura’s “Orochi” episode for several years.

“Orochi” episode is the most popular one among 33 of Iwami Kagura episodes. JPA can perform this with three giant serpents (17 meters) made out of paper and bamboo.

If anybody is interested in inviting “Orochi” performance, please contact JPA at least 4 months before the desired event to discuss the date, time, venue, cost, etc.

Note: We’re currently adding one more kagura episode Takiyasha-hime from Geihoku Kagurneighboring Geihoku region of Hiroshima prefecture. JPA will introduce both regions’ kagura dances.

If you are interested in joining us a performer or staff, contact us clicking the bottom below!