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  The world premier of  Looking for Sarasvati was at the United Nations, then at Pace University in New York City in fall, 2008.  The show is about five indigenous water goddesses in the five countries along a Silk Road journey.  The story starts with the disappearance of Sarasvati River in India, which actually happened 4000 years ago.   

  These goddess characters perform their countries’ traditional dances along the Silk Road epic story. The show puts emphasis on the cultural diversity and also expresses the connection amongst cultures.  This show tries to convey a message that it’s important to respect one’s own culture and do the same for those of the others at the same time.   

  Yuko Hamada intends to reproduce the show with a new version of the script.  



When five water goddesses meet together,

five cultures are in a crossroad…

Respect All Cultures & Cherish Water!