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Home JPA Cultural Programs on Governors Island 2019 Bon Odori Festival  on Governors Island Nolan Park @ Outlook Hill    Photo by Robert & Yoko Essel Join! JPA Bon Odori Festival Governors Island August 30 & 31, 2019 Take a ferry to  Governors Island (8 min ride) Ferry Departures / Arrivals Nolan Park (Festival) Outlook Hill (Performance) How to get to Governors Island Practice Sessions! Prior to the actual event, Bon Odori Prep Session  is held every Sunday!   Join us to maximize  the experience at the actual event! 先駆けて盆踊りの練習をしてみませんか?  JPAでは当日楽しく踊って頂くために 事前の盆踊り稽古を行っております!  ご興味のある方は是非ご参加下さい! Historical details on Big Three Bon Odori  歴史ある日本三大盆踊りについてはこちらです。(英語)  Nishimonai Bon Odori (Akita Prefecture)   Gujo Odori  (Gifu Prefecture)   Awa Odori  (Tokushima Prefecture) 7:30-9 pm   @ Outlook Hill  (Performance) 12-8 pm     @ Nolan Park    (Festival) 7:30-9 pm  @ Outlook Hill  (Performance) Friday, August 30 Saturday, August 31 August 30 & 31, 2019

JPA Bon Odori Festival Schedule

Nolan Park

12:00 pm   Festival Stars

                   Greetings and Announcement   

12:20 pm   Immediately After the Announcement, Bon Odori starts

                   Bon Odori - Awa Odori / Gujo Odori

12:30 pm  Wanage Contest Registration at JPA Booth

                  (There are two contests, one for children up to 12 years old, and one for adult above

                   13 years old)

1:30 pm    Wanage Contest

2:00 pm     Immediately After Wanage Contest, Bon Odori starts  

                   Bon Odori - Nishimonai Bon Odori / Gujo Odori


2:40 pm     Immediately After Bon Odori,  Watermelon Splitting Contest  

3:00 pm     Sumo Match Registration at JPA Booth

                  (This game is for 13 year old or above)

4:00 pm     Sumo Match

4:45 pm     Immediately After Wanage, Bon Odori starts

       Bon Odori - Nishimonai Bon Odori / Gujo Odori

5:15 pm     Immediately After Bon Odori,  Watermelon Splitting Contest  

5:30 pm     Registration Outlook Hill Free Tickets


Outlook Hill

7:30 pm     Bon Odori Performance

9:00 pm     Ends  

Wanage Contest

Wanage is a quoits game with 9 poles on its game board. Players toss the rings and get points when the rings are hooked onto the poles. By summing up the points, the player who gets the most point is the winner. The champion will get the prize.

We accept registration up to 15 participants for each contest; children (up to 12 year old) and adult (13 year old or above).

The Wanage Contest registration starts at 12:30 pm and the contest start at 1:30 pm!   Practice for an hour and be ready for the contest!     

Watermelon Splitting Contest

This Contest will be held twice. Each time, two watermelons will be placed. The split up watermelons will be provided for the participants and people around the area.

Watermelon Splitting Contest participants will get gifts from JPA.

Sumo Match

Selected eight sumo wrestlers will have matches to determine the winner. They will wear the specially designed inflatable sumo battle suits. The champion will get the prize.

One hour prior to the Sumo Match, JPA booth will start the player registration. The wrestler participants are up to 8 people (This game is for 13 year old or above).


Please wear Beach Sandal When you dance at Nolan Park!