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            This program gives a briefing of kimono history, examples of cutting-chart of kimono, various kimono types and designs and how to wear them including many rules as the basic must-knows.  Also it includes the explanation of the body use wearing a kimono with behavioral demonstration.  Additionally, the show presents traditional Japanese dance movements with an original dance piece.  These are accompanied by a narrator using PowerPoint slides and live models and dancers.  

Kimono Show on Stage

The program consists of four parts to introduce various aspects of kimono culture:

Part 1 General information of Kimono and its history

Introduction of how kimono clothes are made and worn together with brief reference to Japanese values as the root of Japanese culture and its crafts.   

Part 2   Kimono and seasons in Japan

Presentation of Japanese seasons through kimono patterns and fabric materials. This part also introduces how Japanese pay attention to the details and subtleties of the seasons and nature.   

Part 3   Variety of styles of kimono for Japanese major ceremonies

  1. New Year

  2. Graduation

  3. Formal occasions  

(It is possible to show additional ceremonial kimono types depending on the number of models and time given at the venue)

 Part 4   Body movements in kimono (+ dances)

Program Example

 It is not a stretched remark to state that Kimono reflects many of the Japanese cultural characteristics—it’s a culture stressing the details, formats, thoughtfulness, respect for nature, economic minimalism, and harmony with the environment.  Its history together with various influences from its surroundings shaped the culture’s structure and spurred continued invention.  The cultural integrity of Japanese values came from the ancient time and handed down from generations to generations.

If you are interested in having our Kimono Show

at your venue,  please contact us.


JPA Kimono Show

Sakura Matsuri at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

April 26th Saturday 2014

Kimono Show

Kimono Show at BBG