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Lectures on Kimono Knowledge

(Classes in Japanese only)

The last session of this program was March 13, 2015.  We will notice the information of the next JPA kimono lecture once the program period is determined.  

These are the topics which covered in the lectures.  

•  Obi (sash) categories

•  Japanese blue colors

•   Accessories

•   Silk fabrics

•   Hemp fabrics

•   Tama thread

•   Japanese colors

•   Silk thread

•   Tsumugi thread

•   Japanese traditional patterns

•   Japanese traditional symbols

•   History of Kimono



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Free Kimono Lectures!!

(Classes in Japanese only)

Oct 2013   —   Mar 2015

Please email us If you are interested in joining these classes!   


Kimono Lecture

•   Kimono categories

•   Accessories


•   Dying fabrics

•   Weaving fabrics

•   Cotton fabrics

•   Wool fabrics

You can check more records of Kimono Lecture up to March, 2015.  

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