Iwami Kagura 石見神楽

    Iwami Kagura is a form of “Sato Kagura” which general public can participate in Shinto rituals rather than “Miya Kagura” which were exclusively conducted by the Shinto shrine inner circles until Meiji period. The “Sato Kagura” format expanded towards Hiroshima region as well.

Throughout Japan, Kagura often depicts indigenous Japanese legends. Shimane Prefecture, where Iwami Kagura was originated, is the very region depicted in many of the famous Japanese indigenous legends. Above all, the battle story of Susanoo beating the giant serpent Orochi is perhaps the most famous of all. There are about 150 active Iwami Kagura troupes in the region. As Iwami region is the roots of Kagura, it is the place where Kagura costumes, masks, props and instruments are produced.

Orochi, the giant 17 meter serpents, were also developed here with an especially durable Washi paper material. The Oroshi structure is just like an accordion which can shrink into less than 2 meters long. Iwami region will continue to be the development and production center for all Kagura activities.

4月1日に石見神楽のパフォーマンスとレクチャーを日本クラブ7階のMultiple Roomにて行います。

レクチャーでは神楽人生55年の元浜田市金城町長 (島根県)、安藤美文様をお招きして、




Iwami Kagura briefing session and performance will be held at Multiple Room (7th fl) of Nippon Club on April 1.

The briefing session will be given by the great Iwami Kagura master Mr. Yoshifumi Ando invited all the way from the birth place of Kagura bringing his 55 years of Kagura experience.  It will cover its history, current performance troupes, vibrant local activities, costumes and props, etc.

Together with the performance, we would like you to enjoy all the various pieces of Kagura knowledge.

We hope you can make the most out of this rare opportunity!


Friday, April 1st,  2016

The Nippon Club 7 Floor

(145 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019)


Starts at 6:40pm

(Door opens at 6pm)

$25 (with drink service)

50 people maximum.   


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