Gojinjo Daiko 御陣乗太鼓

Gojinjodaiko drum performance is known for the exclusivity for its performers amongst many of Japanese traditional performances (shrine rituals), but if you visit Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, you can see at least one Gojinjodaiko drum performance all year round almost every day. A performer of Gojinjodaiko has to be a boy born in Nafune town of Wajima. Also, he has to be the one deeply rooted in the locality willing to live there for good. Currently the performer group consists of 20 people and they perform almost every day at three locations in and around Wajima. The dedication of performing the ritual every day is simply amazing.

 The origin of Gojinjodaiko dates back around five hundred years ago. The old tale of its origin explains that the performance was originally an intimidating outfit and loud drums that scared away the invading troop of a famous war lord Uesugi Kenshin.

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The climate is relatively mild perhaps because of Tsushima Current flowing off the peninsula. The amount of snow in winter is also relatively low for a place in Hokuriku Region. It's surrounded by the nature with various signs of four seasons. In winter, along the coast of the Sea of Japan, you can observe so-called “Naminohana (Flower of Waves)” when it's snowing and when the white foam of the ocean waves float in the air. During the summer, it is relatively cool with the surrounding ocean. Spring time, you can enjoy cherry blossoms and fresh greens. In Autumn, the foliage and the season's food such as chestnuts are things to look forward to. This is a wonderful place. Above all, the face of the ocean from Autumn to Winter time really symbolizes the land where Gojinjodaiko drums were born.

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