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Yuko Hamada / President

YYuko Hamada is the founder and President of Japan Performing Arts, Inc. Yuko is also a Nichibu (or Nihon Buyo) dance choreographer/dancer. She used to be a member of Takarazuka Revue Company, a nationally well-known all-female theater in Japan. She graduated from the dramatic writing program of Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. She wrote, directed and produced three Off-off Broadway plays and received a lot of media coverage for her unique presentation of Japanese theater arts. Since the establishment of Japan Performing Arts, Inc., her pursuit of Japanese theater presentation has been ever evolving with wider range of venues, such as at the United Nations Headquarters, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Brooklyn Botanic Garden, etc. In 2015, Yuko established Kagura Preservation Society of New York to introduce the Chugoku region's performing arts and it had the debut performance in NYC during the first JPA Cultural Repertories in 2015.

Motoko Tadano

Motoko Tadano was born in Japan and began her dance training in Classeic ballet. She has performed at prominent dance platforms all over Japan. She then moved to New York City to further her dance training and performance skills in Modern and Contemporary Dance and Choreography, and she has frequently performed for various contemporary choreographers in illustrious dance theatres in New York City. Since 2006 she has been repertory assistant and lead dancer in Overground Physical Theatre Dance Company’s interdisciplinary works choreographed by dance maverick Antonia Katrandjieva. Since 2008 She joined Japan Performing Arts as a Performing artist and creative pillar of the Japanese performing arts movement in New York educating the artistic community on Japanese traditional dance and culture. Most recently, she has presented at BAM Fisher the world premiers of " X-Stream" and " DISCONNECT" and " BEE-Have" at  Ailey Citygroup Theater as a collaborator and critical role with Overground and Codice Rosso Theatre. Motoko has garnered critical plaudits for her outstanding performances and artistic achievements by the Theatre Magazine, Theatre Forum, Attitude Magazine, the New Yorker, Dance Insider, Eye on Dance and New York Times, to mention but a few.

Miki Kosugi  

Miki's absolute fascination to small-scale theatrical arts started when she saw "The Atami Murder Case" by Tsuka Kohei as a high school student. As a junior college student for fine arts, she would belong to Osaka's small-scale theatrical productions and gain a lot of experiences in the art format. Even after college, she would continue working in the field as she would work as a background set design artist as well as an actor appearing in various roles. Upon her marriage in 1994, she came to the United States and she's been involved in theaters in New York since then.  As an actor, she would appear in Yuko Hamada's "Flower of Water 2"

Hitomi  Ozaki

Hitomi Ozaki-Ly graduated from University of Hawaii at Manoa, where she started taking ballet and modern dance classes. She moved to New York City to further her studies at Steps on Broadway where she trained in ballet, jazz, horton, and various street styles. She joined Japan Performing Arts Inc. in 2015 to study Japanese classical dance, Nihon Buyo, in hopes to learn the traditions and arts of the Japanese culture. She starred as MC for JPA Cultural Repertoires 2015, and is excited to be back to perform as a dancer this year. 

Midori Anami

Midori Anami studied Ballet and Jazz dance at Swan Ballet School, as well as Nihon buyou (Japanese traditional dance) with Mamisuke Hanayagi, in Kumamoto, Japan. She moved to New York in 1996 to pursue her dance career and studied various forms of dance at Ballet Arts, Broadway Dance Center and Martha Graham School for Dance. She toured with French singer Mylene Farmer for her world tour "Mylenium" from 1999 to 2000 and made numerous TV appearances in France. She has appeared in many concerts and dinner shows throughout NY and NJ. She performs modern dance with various choreographers in NYC. She joined JPA in 2014.

    Our activities are mainly 1) for schools, 2) for local communities to give people the opportunities to understand the Japanese culture intellectually.  Our performance activities but our programs can be specifically tailored to the needs and the interests of the communities.

    We hope to demonstrate the historical and cultural contexts in our performances (including some ethno-psychological contexts), so the learning experiences can be very entertaining and memorable to the people of all ages.

    As our presentations are primarily demonstrating Japanese traditions and values, the themes often include patience, harmony and discipline, which we believe are fundamentally inherent in Japanese culture.

    Japan Performing Arts, Inc. aims to accomplish its mission by providing learning opportunities for children and adults through our activities in lectures and performances. Our performances can be accompanied by lectures and demonstrations, or JPA can simply host cultural workshops.

    Japan Performing Arts, Inc. is a non-profit organization established by Yuko Hamada to introduce Japanese art forms in New York.  Based in New York City, JPA's activities focus on educational experiences of discovering and re-discovering Japanese culture through Japanese performing arts.   

Our activities caters the needs of the local Japanese communities as well as those from any community seeking to experience various forms of Japanese traditional arts.

Japan Performing Arts, Inc.

    Cultures are characteristics of countries or regions. Such characteristics can be understood through learning each region’s typical lifestyles, thinking patterns, and general attitudes towards life. There are myriad of diverse cultures from all around the world and each of them has its distinct characteristics. It shows how there is uniqueness in each culture’s climate, environment, surrounding circumstances and the background history. People have been inventing things suitable to their environment and nurtured their own distinct value systems in their group activities. Therefore, what’s visible as characteristics of each region can be seen as the representation of the region’s spiritual values.  In turn, by actively learning such cultural value systems of each region, you can understand more in depth about what’s visible as the representation items of each culture.

    It is often said that by comparing your own culture to another culture, you understand your own culture and the subject of comparison culture better. For example, generally Japanese culture is described as having a group-oriented culture as opposed to the individualism of the Western culture. Also, the emphasis on the visual representation in Japanese culture is often described as a contrast between the Western emphases on verbal description. Japanese and Western cultures do no always stand in one extreme in the cultural spectrum and the other, but in order to facilitate the cultural education, such cultural comparisons are useful.  Japan Performing Arts, Inc. aims to explain Japanese culture with visible cultural representation items and performances, along with the background information using the cultural comparison methods. We would like to introduce Japan’s cultural wisdom, which were nurtured by the variety of practical and spiritual needs in the lives of people in Japan.

Yuki Dellipaoli

Yuki DelliPaoli works in a beauty industry in New York, specialized in enhancing eyelashes. She is also a certified personal color analyst.  Her grandfather was a Noh-dance trainer of Konparu style in Nara pref. Japan.Yuki was born in Hyogo pref. Japan and moved to New York in 1985. She is very excited to keep in touch with her own roots by learning Nichibu at Japan Performing Arts, Inc.

Noriko Kawazu

Noriko Kawazu graduated from Marymount College of Fordham University with BA, majored in Speech, Communications and Drama. She also studied acting and theater production in London. She has been a member of JPA since 2004. She performed as a Nichibu dancer at various events with JPA includes; Asian American Heritage Program at FBI NY Field Division, "SACRA!" with Arts Cure Center, international cultural event at Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital & Nursing Facility and JPA Cultural Repertoires 2015. She was also a Production Assistant for PanoramAsian Dance Project and JPA Cultural Repertoires 2015

About Us


Takashi Hosoi

Takashi Hosoi is a dancer, singer, actor and model based in New York. Originally from Fukui Japan. Since he moved New York he has performed musicals "The King and I,"(Malts Jupiter Theatre) " Jesus Christ Superstar,"(Secret Theatre) and "Romance of the Western Chamber,"(TADA Theatre) in U.S. regional theatres. Several dance performance in Sue Samuel's Jazz Roots Dance Company. Recently credit including "Black Bird" "All Blues" and "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" with Jason Samuels Smith. He joined Japanese Performing Arts 2015. He has learned Japanese traditional dance Nihonbuyo, and traditional performing arts Kagura. He performed Kagura("Orochi"giant serpent) in The Nippon Club, and Tenri Culture Institute, 2016.

Chrisy Kakurai

Chrisy Kakurai was born in Japan, and started dancing Classic Ballet at the age of 3.She entered to the Princess Grace classic ballet Academy on a scholarship where she took the top prize, and performed at the Opera House in Monaco.  She has studied Modern, Jazz, Street dance, contemporary, Tap, Acting and Singing in Japan and NY. She performed in productions as dancer and actor at Famous entertainment Park, TV, Theater, Music Video, Movie, Model and many Night Clubs. She was picked to be the main character IA of dance Vocaloid in “Comicon New York 2014”, she was featured in NY and Japanese anime media magazines.  She created a performance show with the choreography and dancing coach workshop of the World Voice Ensemble Inc. in NY. She has been dancing a lot of performance in New York as a company member of "Jazz Roots Dance Company".

Pablo Ito

Pablo Ito started his career as a performer in Okinawa, Japan. In Okinawa, he learned acting, singing and dance from Yuka Takara and danced for her concerts. After moving to New York, he learned acting at HB Studio, dance at Broadway Dance Center and singing from many vocal coaches such as Lorraine Serabian and Yvonne Hatchett. He is a dancer of Sue Samuels’ Jazz Roots Dance Company and The Artist’s Sandbox. He has been performing in musicals, dance concerts and cabaret shows. He recently appeared in the Off-Broadway production of “Beauty and the Beast” and “Cinderella” by Literally Alive, the Off-Broadway production of “Sleepy Hollow” by Be Bold! Productions and “CTFD 30th Anniversary Pearl Jubilee” at New York City Center.

Sayaka Wada

Sayaka Wada is originally from Tokyo, Japan.

 After she studied dance at Tokyo School of Music, she worked at Tokyo Disney Resort for 4 years earning her spot as one of their elite dancers. Additionally, she has extensive experience as a Teacher/Choreographer as well as several appearances in various

hows with  well-known Japanese  artists. Sayaka relocated to New York City in 2013.

 She was a member of the Japanese drums & street dance group, COBU (2014-2015).

Sayaka is excited to officially start her professional career as a Dancer in NYC with JPA!!!

Aoi Kadonishi

Aoi Kadonishi was born in Japan. When she was 3 years old, she started ballet. When she was 14, she moved Canada to study ballet at Victoria Academy of Ballet. Also she graduated high school in Canada. During she is in Canada she learned Cecchetti method and she got "Commended" in Intermediate exam. Also she learned RAD and got "Highly Committed" in RAD intermediate exam. When she was 17, she accepted to Certificate Program at The Ailey School.

Tomoko Sater (Assistant Director)

Mariko Takizawa graduated from Borough of Manhattan Community College with AS degree in Theatre, specializing in stage management. Her stage management credits include The Arsonists (Tribeca Performing Arts Center), The Red Coat (BMCC), Rashomon (Japan Performing Arts, Inc.), SONG (HERE Arts Center), JPA Cultural Repertoires (Japan Performing Arts, Inc.), The Fairy Tale Project (Tribeca Performing Arts Center). Other credits include: running crew, operation crew, and wardrobe crew at Off-Off Broadway theater HERE, backstage manager at Japan Day.

Masatsugu Sakai

Masatsugu Sakai was born and grew up in Shimane prefecture, Japan where the Iwami Kagura Dance (Shinto theatrical dance) thrived primarily. He grew up watching his father dancing Kagura at the informal gathering. He himself joined the local performing art club and played a program, Jinrin at the opening of the cultural center in his childhood. He played the head of 3 demons, which was the lead role in the Jinrin. Currently in N.Y. he is learning to dance the role of Susanoo (God) in the play Orochi (The eight headed dragons).    


Sho Miya

Coming Soon

Ryo Shiba

Ryo Shiba is an attorney by day, a dancer, singer, novelist, and podcaster by night. Born and raised in Japan but he somewhat mastered the English language without that much exposure to the outside world, maybe because he loved chatting with people way too much. He has been on his weight-loss/transformation journey since 2015 and he has lost over 100lbs. If you’re ever interested in finding out more, follow him @obesian_to_asian on Instagram.

Akiko Matsumoto

Akiko Matsumoto graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City with B.F.A. in Dance, focusing on Choreography. She also studied acting with Ron Stetson in Stetson Studios. Her credits include commercials on MTV and Showtime, the role of Li’l Eva and ensemble in “The King and I” in U.S. regional theaters, and dancer/performer in various music videos, shows and festivals. She thanks Yuko for the opportunity to stay connected with, and spread the beautiful Japanese culture through performing arts.

Mariko Takizawa (Stage Manager)

Mariko Takizawa graduated from Borough of Manhattan Community College with AS degree in Theatre, specializing in stage management. Her stage management credits include The Arsonists (Tribeca Performing Arts Center), The Red Coat (BMCC), Rashomon (Japan Performing Arts, Inc.), SONG (HERE Arts Center), JPA Cultural Repertoires (Japan Performing Arts, Inc.), The Fairy Tale Project (Tribeca Performing Arts Center). Other credits include: running crew, operation crew, and wardrobe crew at Off-Off Broadway theater HERE, backstage manager at Japan Day.